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Sontronics MATRIX10 professional microphone stand

SONTRONICS MATRIX-10 microphone stand
The Sontronics MATRIX-10 is a professional-quality mobile microphone stand made from light yet sturdy brushed aluminium tubing.

MATRIX-10 has the ability to support up to 8 kilograms although tests in Sound On Sound magazine proved it can support up to 12kg and beyond!

The MATRIX-10's sturdy central post extends from 1.12 metres to 1.7 metres and is secured in place with the quick-lock/quick-release clips. The upright pole is internally damped to support heavy loads. The telescopic boom arm, attached to the main stand with a heavy-duty ABS clamp, extends from 1.2 metres to 2.25 metres.

"For vocal work or any recording in a large studio space, drum overheads, grand piano or orchestral work, MATRIX is ideal. It's excellent value for money too.
I highly recommend it!
HUGH ROBJOHNS, Technical Editor (Sound On Sound magazine)

The boom arm is counterbalanced by a weight bag which attaches to the end of the pole with a carabiner clip (supplied) and is counterbalanced by a moveable cast-iron weight. The bag has two sealable pockets that can be filled with sand bags, lead shot, weights or even bean tins (!) and if loaded with 3kg of weight, the arm is capable of supporting mics over 10kg.

The MATRIX-10 is supplied with three wheels that can be fitted to the end of each foot in seconds by using the quick-release clip. Each wheel has an individual brake pedal and they add an extra 10cm to the overall height of the stand.


Sontronics MATRIX10 - hi-res image
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• lightweight but sturdy
• extends to 1.7 metres high
• boom arm extends to 2.25 metres
• with three detachable wheels and load-able weight bag
• supports up to 10kg and beyond!

1.12m (1.8m when fully extended and with wheels fitted)
Boom arm length:
1.2m (extends to 2.25m)
Carry weight: up to 8kg (will support up to 10kg and beyond when weight bag is loaded with 3kg or more)

Supplied with:
3 detachable wheels (each with individual brake), embroidered weight bag (with inner and outer zip closures), caribiner clip

Sontronics MATRIX10 stand - hi-res image