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SONTRONICS DM-1B - condenser mic for kick drum & bass instruments SONTRONICS DELTA 2 - ribbon mic for guitar amps & brass SONTRONICS APOLLO 2 - stereo ribbon microphone NEW! Sontronics SOLO handheld dynamic supercardioid microphone SONTRONICS HALO dynamic microphone for guitar amp SONTRONICS STC-3X PACK - three-pattern condenser microphone with FREE accessories SONTRONICS ORPHEUS - three-pattern condenser microphone SONTRONICS DM-1T - condenser mic for tom tom SONTRONICS SATURN - five-pattern condenser microphone SONTRONICS STC-2 - cardioid condenser microphone SONTRONICS STC-20 PACK - great value cardioid condenser microphone with FREE accessories SONTRONICS SIGMA 2 - phantom-powered ribbon mic SONTRONICS STC-1S - stereo pair of pencil condenser microphones SONTRONICS STC-1 - pencil-style cardioid condenser microphone SONTRONICS STC-10 - great value pencil cardioid condenser microphone SONTRONICS ARIA - valve cardioid condenser microphone for vocalsNEW! SONTRONICS MERCURY variable-pattern valve condenser microphone SONTRONICS ST-POP - nylon-mesh popshield SONTRONICS ST-PAD/PHASE - inline attenuator/inverter gadget SONTRONICS MATRIX - professional mic stand with wheels
Sontronics MATRIX10 stand - hi-res image