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SONTRONICS ULTIMA professional-quality audio cables

SONTRONICS ULTIMA professional audio cables
We pride ourselves in making sure that all our Sontronics microphones accurately recreate the sound you hear in your recording environment, and our ULTIMA range of cables will complete your audio picture, providing you with excellent, reliable performance every time.

Constructed from the finest grade of double-shielded cable and the very best Neutrik® XX-series connectors, Sontronics ULTIMA cables will guarantee you faithful reproduction and total peace of mind.

"If you want your recordings to sound professional and polished, you must ensure that every stage of the recording chain is of the highest quality you can afford… and that starts with paying attention to your cables!"
TREVOR COLEY, Sontronics founder & designer

There are three types of ULTIMA cable available:
with male to female connectors,
• MONO with mono quarterinch jacks at each end and the
• STEREO with stereo jacks at each end

Each cable is available in three standard lengths - 3m, 5m or 10m – or as our ULTIMA cables are made to order, you can also opt for custom lengths to suit your needs, or we can even supply you with the cable itself by the metre. Simply contact us for details.

All ULTIMA cables are, like our microphones, covered by our Sontronics LIFETIME WARRANTY.


• super-high quality
• assembled in England
• finest grade shielded cable
• Neutrik XX connectors

Neutrik XX-series
3m, 5m, 10m (or we can supply to order at any length, either with or without connectors)
XLR (male-to-female), MONO (quarter-inch jacks), STEREO (stereo jacks)