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SONTRONICS: OUR PRODUCTS SONTRONICS STC-1: pencil condenser mic SONTRONICS STC-1S: pair of condenser mics SONTRONICS STC-10: pencil condenser mic SONTRONICS STC-2: large-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic SONTRONICS STC-2X: omni/cardioid condenser mic NEW! SONTRONICS STC-20 PACK: cardioid condenser mic + accessories NEW! SONTRONICS STC-3X PACK: 3-pattern mic + accessories SONTRONICS STC-6: handheld condenser mic SONTRONICS STC-80: handheld dynamic mic SONTRONICS DM-1B: condenser mic for kick drum SONTRONICS DM-1T & DM-1S: condenser mics for tom & snare SONTRONICS SATURN: 5-pattern condenser mic SONTRONICS ORPHEUS: 3-pattern condenser mic NEW! SONTRONICS ARIA: cardioid valve microphone SONTRONICS HELIOS: variable-pattern valve mic SONTRONICS OMEGA: cardioid valve condenser mic SONTRONICS SIGMA: ribbon mic SONTRONICS DELTA: guitar ribbon mic SONTRONICS APOLLO: stereo ribbon mic SONTRONICS HALO: dynamic mic for guitar amps SONTRONICS SONORA 2: dual-channel solid-state preamp SONTRONICS CHIMERA: hybrid preamp SONTRONICS ST-POP: popshield SONTRONICS MATRIX-10 mic stand SONTRONICS CAPSULES: omni & hyper SONTRONICS ST-PAD/PHASE inline gadget SONTRONICS ULTIMA: professional cables All content © 2014 Sontronics
and Omnisonic International Ltd
LATEST VIDEOS - Check out our ever-growing collection of videos from online tutorials to interviews. If you find a Sontronics video online, let us know!

• Sontronics founder and designer Trevor Coley introduces our new ARIA valve mic for vocals

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• Our drum mics get a thorough workout in this video review by the guys at Pro Tools Expert

• Legendary producer Jack Douglas and engineer Warren Huart talk about using Sontronics on Aerosmith's album

• Sontronics mics take centre stage with Steve Plews' jazz quartet at Manchester Uni (courtesy of ASC Records)

• Sontronics Orpheus plays a starring role in Baby Animals 'Got It Bad' music video

• Portuguese stars Expensive Soul get up close and personal with our SIGMA ribbon mic in their music video


• Three guitar tutorials showing how to get massive tones using Sontronics DELTA (with Drew Townson of Analog Planet)