Sontronics Saturn microphone


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"The SATURN sits right next to me, permanently ready to go. That way at least I know the recording will sound good even if some of my playing doesn't!"

STEVE PRICE, Oscar-winning Film Composer

(Fury, Suicide Squad, The World's End)


APOLLO ribbon microphone

TYPE: Stereo ribbon microphone LAUNCHED: January 2007 ​DISCONTINUED: 2017 ​ALTERNATIVES: Apollo 2, Sigma 2 The Sontronics Apollo stereo ribbon microphone was launched in January 2007 following feedback from many musicians who were getting amazing results from using pairs of our Sigma ribbon mic. We set about creating a dedicated stereo ribbon mic with two ribbon motors set in classic Blumlein X-Y formation. The Apollo was incredible for overhead recording of orchestra, choir, piano and drumkit, and became a must-have for many studios, composers and musicians. Famous users of the original Sontronics Apollo include Paul Epworth (the opening piano chords of 'Skyfall' are recorded on his Apollo over his upright piano), Glyndebourne Opera and Abbey Road Studios, where the Apollo is still used and loved on a daily basis for recording everything from Hollywood soundtracks to their Steinway grand piano. Even more incredible sounding is the new Apollo 2, launched in January 2018. "Everyone here loves the Sontronics Apollo - it's a beautiful mic." Lester Smith, Head Technician, Abbey Road Studios

HELIOS valve/tube condenser microphone

TYPE: Variable-pattern valve/tube condenser microphone LAUNCHED: October 2005 DISCONTINUED: 2015 ALTERNATIVES: Mercury, Mercury Vintage Edition Sontronics Helios is a valve/tube condenser microphone with completely variable polar patterns from omni to figure-of-eight and everything in between. It was designed to be a studio all-rounder and was launched in October 2005. With its solid, rich low-end and smooth, detailed highs, Helios gives stunning and accurate results on all kind of applications, from vocals and guitar to ensemble and overhead recording. "Helios is stunning... it sounds rich in the lower mids with a silky top end and its characteristics are not dissimilar to a C12, but for a lot less money!" Gary Bromham, Producer (Natalie Imbruglia, Zucchero)

OMEGA cardioid valve/tube condenser microphone

TYPE: Cardioid valve/tube condenser microphone LAUNCHED: January 2005 DISCONTINUED: 2014 ALTERNATIVES: ARIA Omega was one of just five microphones with which we launched Sontronics in January 2005, and it quickly became a mainstay of our range before being superseded by Aria just under a decade later. Sontronics Omega was a valve/tube condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid pattern, designed specifically for vocals and solo instruments. With its rich, warm low frequencies and natural, unhyped highs, the Omega utilised a 12AX7/ECC83 vacuum tube and featured 75Hz filter and -10dB pad controls on its dedicated power supply unit. Even now, Omega is a sought-after must-have in studios around the world. "Omega has a true, honest sound with crispy top end. It's beautiful... I use it every day." Matias Lehtola, Producer/Artist/Lecturer "Omega has such a warm, rich sound... it could become a real workhorse in any studio." Haydn Bendall, Producer

SATURN five-pattern condenser microphone

TYPE: Five-pattern condenser microphone LAUNCHED: 2010 DISCONTINUED: 2018 ALTERNATIVES: Orpheus, Mercury One of our best-selling microphones, and still a favourite on the second-hand market, the Sontronics Saturn with its vintage-inspired design is a five-pattern condenser microphone, originally launched in 2010. Saturn was designed by Sontronics' founder Trevor Coley and developed over a two-year period alongside legendary producers Flood, Alan Moulder and Paul Epworth. Saturn's capsule and circuitry were specifically created to give the best possible results on all kinds of instruments, and its five patterns (omni, subcardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-of-eight) plus three-stage pad and filter controls give incredible flexibility, whether you're recording vocals or voiceover, piano, guitar or other instruments, drums and percussion, or using it for room, overhead and ensemble recording. It really is a stunning microphone in looks as well as sound! "Saturn is my go-to... it is so versatile and incredibly detailed, it really DOES sound good on everything!" Ed Harcourt, Songwriter/Producer "Saturn brings a warm clarity that you just can't get with a U87, which is what I would compare it too without question." Carey Willetts, Artist/Producer

STC-5 condenser microphone

TYPE: Handheld condenser microphone LAUNCHED: January 2005 DISCONTINUED: 2008 ALTERNATIVES: Solo, Corona Launched along with our other first microphones when we started the brand in January 2005, the Sontronics STC-5 is a handheld condenser microphone that was superseded by the new and improved STC-6 just three years later. With its handy on/off switch, the STC-5 can still be found on the second-hand market and gives pro-quality results on vocals, drums and instruments on stage and in the studio.

STC-6 condenser microphone

TYPE: Handheld condenser microphone LAUNCHED: Summer 2008 DISCONTINUED: 2016 ALTERNATIVES: Solo, Corona Designed as a successor to our STC-5, the Sontronics STC-6 was a handheld condenser microphone that gave professional quality results for a very affordable price. Ideal for live vocals but also perfect for acoustic guitar, piano and other instruments, the STC-6 captures much more detail than a dynamic mic, giving the kind of clarity and definition you'd normally only expect to hear in the studio. "Well balanced tone with plenty of low end and clear, defined highs. Sounds exceptionally good, especially considering its price." Paul White, Performing Music/Sound On Sound "An extremely thoughtfully designed vocal mic that gives you the same amount of detail on stage as you'd expect to find in a studio condenser mic costing many times more." Mark Joseph, Singer/Songwriter

STC-2X omni/cardioid condenser microphone

TYPE: Omni/cardioid condenser microphone LAUNCHED: 2010 DISCONTINUED: 2012 ALTERNATIVES: STC-2, STC-3X Pack Our first foray into multi-pattern condenser microphones, the Sontronics STC-2X was launched along with four other mics to celebrate our fifth anniversary in 2010. With its switchable omni and cardioid pattern, filter and pad controls, it is hugely versatile and gives brilliant results on voice, instruments and overhead/room recording too. It was later superseded by the three-pattern STC-3X microphone but STC-2X still remains a second-hand favourite. "A fantastic mic for vocals, STC-2X is also ideal for solo instruments or acoustic ensemble or even a full band. Very much a brilliant all-rounder, especially at the price!" Reviewer, Future Music magazine

STC-80 dynamic microphone

TYPE: Handheld dynamic microphone LAUNCHED: 2008 DISCONTINUED: 2018 ALTERNATIVES: Corona, Halo, Solo The Sontronics STC-80 represented our first ever dynamic microphone, and immediately the response from users and reviewers was incredible. Rather than create a "me-too" microphone, the STC-80 was specifically designed to perform better than anything else on the market, capturing all the detail, presence and depth of a performance while requiring no EQ. Whether used for live vocals or in the studio for guitar amp or drums, the STC-80 is a Sontronics classic, even though it was replaced in the range by our even more impressive (and British-made) Solo in 2017. "Bright, crisp and clearer than an SM58 without needing any EQ. I always use STC-80s for live vocals now, and while it might take some singers by surprise, once they hear it, they're convinced too." Jim Horwood, Producer/Engineer "I can't believe how incredible it sounds!" Nuno Bettencourt, Artist/Guitarist/Producer (Extreme, Rihanna)

SONORA solid-state preamplifier

TYPE: Dual-channel solid-state preamplifier LAUNCHED: 2008 DISCONTINUED: 2012 The dual-channel Sontronics Sonora represented our first entry into the outboard market. This desktop preamp/DI unit featured two solid-state channels with Class A preamps and our very own proprietary vintage-inspired circuitry. Providing a crystal clear audio path and ultra-linear response, the Sonora featured 60dB of headroom, 75Hz high-pass filter, -20dB attenuation pad and independent Signal and Clip LEDs. Fully designed, developed and made in Europe (thanks to input from our team of electronics engineers in Portugal) Sonora was superseded by the upgraded Sonora 2 in 2012. "You're really on to something with your preamps... SONORA sounds just great!" Brett Chassen, Engineer/Producer (Tony Iommi, Billy Gibbons)

SONORA 2 solid-state preamplifier

TYPE: Dual-channel solid-state preamplifier LAUNCHED: 2012 DISCONTINUED: 2016 Following on from our success with the original Sonora, our two-channel Sonora 2 Class A preamp featured upgraded components in its vintage circuit and was fully developed and made in the UK. With a powerful 66dB of beautifully clear, low-noise gain, Sonora 2 could handle a huge variety of sources from microphones to guitars (thanks to its XLR/jack inputs), electrics to re-amping pre-recorded tracks. Sonora 2 also featured a 75Hz high-pass filter, -20dB pad, 180° phase reverse and independent 48V phantom power on each channel, and delivered an audio reproduction full of energy and perfect detail. "These are the best preamps I've ever used on guitar." Al di Meola, Jazz Fusion Guitarist

CHIMERA single channel hybrid preamp/DI

TYPE: Single channel hybrid preamp/DI LAUNCHED: 2008 DISCONTINUED: 2011 Our Sontronics Chimera was truly a thing of beauty, in sound as well as looks. A single-channel preamplifier/DI, the Chimera allowed you to swap between the lightning-quick transient character of the solid-state circuit and the beautifully accurate and naturally compressed tones of the valve/tube circuit at the flick of a switch. With over 60dB of distortion-free headrom, the Chimera offered the classic vintage tone and engineering quality you'd find in a premium-branded preamp, but at a fraction of the price. Chimera was passionately supported and loved by all users, but if you're lucky enough to find one on the second-hand market, grab it quickly because we know how rare they are! "I've never come across a preamp this good on so many sources!" Brett Chassen, Engineer/Producer (Tony Iommi, Billy Gibbons)

MATRIX microphone stand

TYPE: Professional microphone stand LAUNCHED: 2008 DISCONTINUED: 2019 The Sontronics Matrix (previously referred to as Matrix-10) was developed after being inspired by the sturdy yet portable lighting stands used in photography studio. With a central vertical pole whose extension is controlled by internal spring, the Matrix is extendable to 1.7 metres high, and the boom arm, which can be angled anywhere you like, can be extended to 2.25 metres. The Matrix is capable of supporting weights in excess of 8kg and came in two versions: one with a cast-iron counterbalance weight and a foldable three-wheeled dolly that fitted on to the tripod feet; and the later incarnation that had a fabric bag (to put your own counterbalance weight in) and three individual wheels that could be quickly attached to or removed from the tripod feet. Still available on the open market as well as second-hand, the Matrix is ideal for professional studio as well as home set-ups. "For vocal work or recording in a large space, drum overheads, grand piano or orchestral work, Matrix is ideal and it's excellent value for money too. I highly recommend it!" Hugh Robjohns, Technical Editor, Sound On Sound magazine

ST-PAD/PHASE inline pad/phase inverse gadget

TYPE: Inline pad/phase inverse gadget LAUNCHED: 2010 DISCONTINUED: 2019 We designed our Sontronics ST-PAD/PHASE as an easy-to-use gadget that sits inline between a mic and the XLR cable and enables you to deal with overload and phasing at the click of a switch (or three). When an audio signal is too powerful, it can overload the sensitive circuitry of a microphone, resulting in uncontrollable distortion, and that's when the ST-PAD/PHASE and its two levels of -10dB attenuation can save the day. It also features a 180° phase inverse witch which instantly inverts the phase, especially helpful when you have mics placed in close proximity to the sound source, causing phasing issues. "It might be tiny but this little gadget has been an absolute life-saver. We now have one plugged into every ribbon mic we own!" Mike Rose, Writer/Producer/Engineer (Gabrielle, Eagle Eye Cherry, S Club 7)