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The amazing revision of our award-winning, best-selling flagship mic is going to blow you away!



At the NAMM Show in April 2023 we previewed the incredible new incarnation of our best-selling SATURN, which is going to take your recordings to a whole new level.

Designed, developed and built in the UK, the SATURN 2 has been completely redesigned from the inside out and will now boasts nine polar patterns, British-made electronics, premium-quality components and precision-engineered parts, all of which combine to give you incredibly accurate recordings and super pristine response.

SATURN 2 features a completely innovative digitally encoded controller, that allows you to select one of the five patterns shown on the front of the mic – omni, subcardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-of-eight – plus the four positions in between. This digital control ensures precise voltages being sent to the front and rear of the capsule, allowing for perfect matching between mics - ideal for stereo, surround sound and Dolby recording.

With its high sensitivity, incredibly low self-noise, filter and and controls, and our signature smooth rolloff in the high end, SATURN 2 will be your go-to workhorse, whether you're recording vocals or piano, string quartet or solo brass, giving you mix-ready results and stunning sound.

Email us to be put on the waiting list to purchase a SATURN 2 from our first production run this autumn. Specific serial numbers can be reserved on request!

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