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Grammy-winning Recording Engineer

(Florence + The Machine, Adele, Iggy Pop, Cee-Lo Green)

"We were blown away by how good Sontronics drum mics sounded… we had to keep checking the patching because we thought the DM-1S sounded like the £1,000 microphone!"

"I was involved in the road-testing of the prototypes of Sontronics' drum mics – the DM-1B, DM-1S and DM-1T – at Flood's studio Assault & Battery where we were blown away by how good they sounded. 

"On a session for the Friendly Fires album we were recording drums and had two microphones on the snare: your new snare mic [the DM-1S] and a Josephson E22s (which costs about ten times as much). 

"Basically we had to keep checking that the patching was correct because we thought the Sontronics mic sounded like the thousand-pound microphone. Incredible! 

"We've also got the SATURN into action… and it's winning on everything at the moment! Drum overhead… acoustic guitar… and of course, vocals. It sounds great with Florence, although we're using some of your other mics on her as well. The DELTA has been sat in front of the guitar amp and hasn't moved so that's definitely working!"

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