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A black background with a Sontronics STC-20 microphone in moody lighting in the foreground, the mic sitting in its spider shockmount with the circular pop filter in front of it



Back in 2004, musician and audio enthusiast Trevor Coley decided to pursue his dream of creating a range of microphones that delivered professional-quality results at truly affordable prices.


He began sketching out designs for innovative-looking mics with classic styling and a unique sound too, thanks to our signature smooth high-frequency rolloff that you'll find in all of our mics, from the most affordable dynamic to our top-of-the range models.

The Sontronics brand was launched at the NAMM Show in Los Angeles in January 2005 where we showed  our first range of condenser mics. Many of these mics, including Orpheus, STC-1 and STC-2, ended up becoming best-sellers and remain in our range today.


On a white background is an open wooden box, its lid to the left, and in the velvet-lined base is the silver champagne-coloured Sontronics Orpheus microphone

Sontronics has since grown from strength to strength and our products now include studio condensers, mono and stereo ribbons, valve and dynamic microphones, including our world-beating Podcast Pro, as well as must-have accessories such as our ST-POP popshield, XLR-USB cable and Elevate desktop stand.

Our mics can be found in some of the biggest and best studios and sound stages as well as in radio stations, home studios, educational establishments and podcasting set-ups all round the world.

On a white background is a row of seven Sontronics Podcast Pro microphones, lying on their sides from front to back: red, gold, green, blue, purple, cosmic grey and black
A black background and in the foreground the Sontronics Delta 2 microphone facing slightly to the left

"Sontronics constantly pushes boundaries in designing cutting-edge microphones destined to be classics of the future."

Andrew Dudman, Chief Engineer, Abbey Road Studios


All our products are designed and developed here on the south coast of England by our founder Trevor Coley, and all our new prototype models are put through rigorous beta-testing with top British producers including Flood (U2, Editors, The Foals) and Paul Epworth (Adele, Coldplay, U2) as well as several engineers at Abbey Road Studios.

The majority of our microphones are also made here in the UK  with all of our top-end mics fitted with circuits made to our proprietary designs and hand-wound transformers manufactured within 2 miles of our door.

We are proud to be spear-heading innovations in electronics engineering and product design right here in Dorset.

A silver champagne-coloured Sontronics Mercury microphone with its circular grille and solid cylindrical body sitting in a spider-style shockmount, the microphone facing slightly to the left
Every single mic is individually checked and tested here in our Dorset warehouse before being shipped. You can be sure that every Sontronics microphone has undergone rigorous scrutiny at each stage of the process before it gets to you and your studio.



Sontronics founder Trevor Coley with Mercury microphone

"From the day Sontronics was conceived, my passion has been to design innovative products capable of delivering outstanding results, built to the highest standards yet at a realistic price.


"Over the years, Sontronics has matured into a respected brand, picking up amazing reviews and multiple awards along the way, all of which makes me feel so proud. The ultimate accolade is knowing that world-famous artists, engineers and producers are making hit records, giving stunning on-stage performances and creating record-breaking podcasts using our microphones.

"When you get a Sontronics mic, whoever you are and whatever you're recording, you join this family and you become part of something very special. Thank you for taking that journey with us."

Trevor Coley, Founder & Designer, SONTRONICS

On a black background is the silver-champagne coloured Sontronics Aria microphone leaning slightly downwards

"The fact that the engineers at Abbey Road use Sontronics mics on a daily basis, choosing ours over and above their multi-million-pound collection of vintage mics just blows my mind!"

Trevor Coley, Founder & Designer

"Sontronics is such an impressive company... from the products themselves to the direct and friendly support offered by Trevor, Lisa and the team. It's not difficult to recommend them or their mics!"

STEVE PRICE, Composer (Fury, Gravity, World's End, Lord of the Rings)

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