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Writer / Producer / Guitarist

(Dandy Warhols, Pete International Airport)

"DELTA and HALO on amp sound amazing! We now have four HALOs and four DELTAs that we use for our live and studio set-up."

"My discovery of Sontronics mics came about when I was looking online for a Helios Electronics preamp and I stumbled across the Sontronics HELIOS mic. It looked really cool, as did all the other mics on the website. I read up a bit more and couldn't find a bad review so was interested in getting hold of some for myself. 

"I started out with a DELTA and HALO combination and the results are amazing! Not just on guitar amps either... I use them on everything. In my little studio I've been using them on my '60s Kalamazoo and my '50s Ampeg amps. 

"I'm starting a band with my friend Herman Jolly, and he's been singing into a HALO. We've been using the DELTA on the acoustic guitar too. 

"We've now got four HALOs and four DELTAs that we uses on the Dandy Warhols set-up live and in the studio. I've now got my eye on the SIGMA, SATURN and HELIOS mics and hoping to see a 500-series Sontronics preamp added to the range. The build quality and design are excellent, I'd recommend Sontronics to everyone... in fact, I already have!"

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